Recent roles
TV commercials:  
Food & Beverage, Sports, Financial, Information Technology and Wireless Phone industries 
Voice Overs:
 "Cover Me"  Police Drama
"Mending Hearts" Soap Opera

Extraordinary morals and ethics, as well as treating all individuals as you would want to be treated are life-guideline characteristics that I look for in every human being I meet.  When my colleagues succeed, I celebrate and commend their success.  The team-player environment is where, and only where, I want to be.  To love what you do and the people you work with is a precious gift of life.   


My career goal is to always be a guiding "voice" and tremendous storyteller for TV programs, radio shows, cable shows, on-line shows, educational shows, documentaries or infomercials that teach with empathy, compassion, respect, hope, faith, awareness and encouragement for all viewers, young, old and in between, utilizing using my voice-over, singing, foreign language, ad copy writing and storytelling skills.  


For me, a dream job would be working for any TV, radio, cable or internet program that educates and raises awareness about important psychological and sociological topics that need to be addressed in society, using my media skill set stated above.  Programs similar, but not limited to, those on the PBS Network (Public Broadcasting System), such as THIRTEEN, WLIW, NJTV, Viacom, MTV, Sesame Street, Electric Company, Nickelodeon, Disney, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, etc.


To the TV Producers and Film Directors . . . my "type" is smart, strong, blue collar/white collar professional woman with a dry wit and a lot of sass.  Someone you don't want to mess with, as she can drink and talk you under the table . . . someone a little dangerous if she needs to be.


Currently, I'm very impressed with the extraordinary programming formats provided by Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey. They are doing wonderful things for moving society in the right direction.  Once one turns Joel on, one cannot turn him off, and Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday" and "Master Class" are incredible.  This type of programming encompasses what I want to promote with my media skill set.